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 Oleg's Dairy

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PostSubject: Oleg''s Dairy   Oleg's Dairy EmptyFri May 15, 2009 12:42 pm

15 May 2009

Today I was at the very intersting seminar about TradeMarketing. It's an activity that allows a company to link to their customer's channels and to connect sales and marketing departments with each other.

Actually I found a lot for myself from this seminar and one thing I want to share with you is: in order to develop both sides of our brain we need to change the way we usually do things. For instance, if you usually eat by right hand - try to eat by left; the same with writting; use new rout from work to home instead of usual; get colours and draw something instead of watching TV at evening alien

You'll see how after several days you start to do your work easier, understand more, memorize faster and speak better cheers

Our brain is very interesting, isn't it?



Сегодня я был на очень интересном семинаре о Торговом Маркетинге. Это деятельность, которая позволяет компании присоединиться к каналам сбыта и объединить отделы продаж и маркетинга друг с другом.

На самом деле, я нашел для себя много интересного на этом семинаре, и вот одно, чем я хочу с вами поделиться: для того, чтобы развить обе стороны головного мозга нам нужно изменить привычный способ поведения. К примеру, если вы обычно едите правой рукой - попробуйте есть левой; то же и с письмом; выберите новый маршрут для дороги с работы домой вместо обычного; возьмите краски и нарисуйте что-нибудь вместо просмотра телевизора вечером.

Через несколько дней вы заметите как работать стало легче, что вы больше понимаете, быстрее запоминаете и лучше говорите.

Наш мозг очень интересный, не правда ли?

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PostSubject: just note   Oleg's Dairy EmptyWed Oct 14, 2009 3:05 pm

I usually ask myself when I appear in new unusual situation: what I was thinking before to be here now?

Receintly I was on business trip at Vologda (city 8 hours far from Moscow) and met a lot of new people who were talking and acting as we were close friends. Perhaps I create an image of guy easy to contact to, so people see no reason to hide something from me and play "pocker face".

I really like it, to communicate freely without barriers and misunderstanding. It's the best way to connect to each other. It's really a valueble tool in cross-curtural communication.

Can you communicate freely? With whom?

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PostSubject: Re: Oleg's Dairy   Oleg's Dairy EmptySat Oct 17, 2009 1:04 pm

Thank you for your sharing Smile

I would like to just answer these two questions...

Can you communicate freely?
Yes of course I can.

With whom?
With my God.

I tried many time to communicate freely with people, even if they are very close to me, but what I found is that I can't be totally free with saying every thing only with One, He is my God.

Thanks God for being with me all the time, listen and give me what I ask Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Oleg's Dairy   Oleg's Dairy Empty

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Oleg's Dairy
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